Leo Duff

Art Window

We are living in strange times.

When people started working from home, all schools, colleges, universities, public and entertainment venues shut, I started ART WINDOW on 17th March. So, when neighbours out for their exercise around the neighbourhood they can walk up to the window and see different art each day.

Around the same time #artistsupportpledge came into being and I linked up.

My daily change in ART WINDOW is also on Facebook and Instagram (@artist.leoduff) alongside a brief description.

All work is for sale using the principals of #artistsupportpledge, prices posted on FB ad Insta, or email me: leoduff@leoduff.com Nothing is more than 200£ plus postage.

About #artistsupportpledge

This was the concept of @matthewburrowsstudio and it is a simple one. You post images of your work to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach £1000 of sales the artist pledges to buy another artist's work for £200. This has already over 100,000 posts and has generated over £20million of transactions helping keep artworks moving and artists busy.

Thursday 7th May

As part of #artistsupportpledge selling now at temporary price of 195£plus postage. Approx A1, acrylics.

Todays ART WINDOW is from a series in my Museum of Plastics, Beijing:The Shape of Things to Come. I was lucky to be invited as visiting professor to have a residency at China Women's University in Beijing. I did quite a bit of research, sketch books etc on a visit to China not long before the residency commenced. I was all set to make large Chinese ink paintings about the wrapping of buildings under construction, the scaffolding and effect on surroundings. My visiting professors apartment was full of stuff left by previous occupants and far from clean, so I started off with a big spring clean and put masses of bits and pieces of plastic items in bin liners and out for rubbish collection. I woke up jet lagged of course in the middle of the night.. And while contemplating the studio and what I was going to do. Had a sort of eureka moment, rushed out to the bins and retrieved all my bin bags of plastic items. The next day I laid out my Museum of Plastics and started work.

In the current pandemic all outlets for showing, selling and in some cases making art are out of action/cancelled/closed. #artistsupportpledge was set up to help artists keep art moving. Everytime you reach 1000£ of sales you pledge to buy another artists work for £200 on #artistsupportpledge

An unusual thing for unusual times.

Tuesday 5th May

As part of #artistsupportpledge selling now at temporary price of £195 Plus postage.

Today's ART WINDOW is SCRABO TOWER. SPRING SHOWER. From series of artworks for publication with Appletree Press for various YEARBOOKS. Slightly bigger than A4. Watercolour, ink and gouache.

Monday 4th May

Today's ART WINDOW are more commission's for publications on Port and Portuguese wines. Note the cabbages, everyone grows these in their garden for the delicious national dish, Caldo Verde. Contemporary stills, the plains of Alentejo, precipitous vines. All A4, ink and gouache.

Sunday 3rd May

Today's ART WINDOW are more commission's for publications on Port and Portuguese wines. Note the cabbages, everyone grows these in their garden for the delicious national dish, Caldo Verde. Contemporary stills, the plains of Alentejo, precipitous vines. All A4, ink and gouache.

Saturday 2nd May

Four tonal ink illustrations from Portuguese wine and port commissions, old house in Tias, Cork trees, ZZZ is a very common road sign in the Douro Valley, and an old vine . For sale #artistsupportpledge scheme, 75£ each or 200£ for the group plus postage

Thursday 30th April

More Portuguese wine and port commissions. Convent Bussaco facade, Bairrada, Bucaco. Second image Atlantic Coast vineyards, Colares. For sale as part of #artistsupportpledge at £100 each

Wednesday 29th April

Two more small artworks for books about Port / Portuguese wines. The famous Mateus Rose Quinta and Casa De Sizem at Minhao. I only have a few left out of about 50. Halcyon days of Porto and the river Douro commissions, drawing trips, exhibitions more often than not working with #profmartinsalisbury. All works in ART WINDOW for sale as part of #artistsupportpledge. Slightly larger than A4. These b/w ink illustrations £100 each.

Tuesday 28th April

More from various commissions in Porto, The Douro and Portugal. Firstly, Junta Nacional do Vinho, then Ribatego, one of the many storks next in this region, atop this distillery chimney. Slightly larger than A4, ink. £100 each. For sale as part of #artistsupportpledge.

Monday 27th April

Three small artworks for books about Port / Portuguese wines. I only have a few left out of about 50. Halcyon days of Porto and the river Douro commissions, drawing trips, exhibitions more often than not working with #profmartinsalisbury.

Sunday 26th April

Over next few days some artwork from various Commissions about Port, Portuguese wine, Californian wine, from various publishers such as Faber&Faber, TheWine Society. Today are both Portugal.

Friday 24th April

Friday 24th April was spent sending off artworks purchased in the scheme #artistsupportpledge by a variety of people all over the UK. For every 1000£ of art work sold, artists in #artistsupportpledge pledge to buy another artists work off the scheme. Thus keeping artworks moving.. Take a look...

Thursday 23rd April

Diptych from period of fascination with henges and archaeology of the 'Stoneage'.approx A4, mixed media.

Tuesday 21st April

Old Soho, Dennys in Dean Street and Cromac Square Belfast. For sale via #artistsupportpledge, 150£ plus postage each. Mixed media, A3. Artistsupportpledge is to keep artists selling work through current turbulent times. When the artist sells £1000 worth of art, they then buy a piece from another artist in the pledge.

Monday 20th April

One drawing from Salisbury Museum residency, stunning blades for Stone age tools. Second image from residency close to Mt St Victoire, on 100th anniversary of Cezanne's death (2006). 3 pieces of stone on the foothills of this multi coloured mountain @ St Victoire

Sunday 19th April

Two studies of Stone age axe and arrow heads from the stored collections at The Salisbury Museum. One week residency (with Sian Bowen) as part of the Art and Archaeology group projects established by archaeogist Helen Wickstead and myself.

Saturday 18th April

Continuing from yesterday, more experiments from residency at China Women's University, Beijing. The Museum of Plastics........ A1. acrylics.

Friday 17th April

Two early experiments from residency at China Women's University Beijing, the start of my Museum of Plastics project. I had done a fair bit of research in preparation for the residency on two previous trips to China. However I completely changed my mind and created a Museum of Plastics in my studio with the enormous amount of plastic objects previous occupants had left behind in the guest professors apartment... Starting from scratch...

Thursday 16th April

Art work commissioned by @pedrosilmon for I think Sunday Times magazine, about planting wild flowers in your garden.

Wednesday 15th April

Detail from wrap around book jacket, Girls of Slender Means by Muriel Spark. Set in Kensington at the end of WW2

Tuesday 14th April

1 of 2 - Commission for Sainsburys, I made label artwork for about 9 wines. I kept one, Muscadet.

2 of 2 - From Dublin Year Book. Appletree Press Belfast. Have posted a few from this book, and other work commissioned by Appletree Press. Wonderful interesting work, travelling around finding the best buildings to include and working with interesting writers, in this case Vincent Capriani. This is The Busaras, a fabulous exuberant building, one of my real favourites, the main Dublin bus station, Dublin's first major postwar building and skyscraper.

Monday 13th April

Today, Easter Monday 13th April showing a piece from 2003 Artist Residency at Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat, Co Kerry. Bolus Head, mixed media, mostly graphite. Imagining the location of the artist village from above and the grey blocks represent breeze blocks and the construction of numberless holiday homes in the rural and coastal areas of Ireland. The second picture was made at the start of when my interest in stone became an obsession.

Saturday 11th April

From POLLEN COUNTS series. Looking at miniscule details of core samples, specifically pollen and insects. In one 3 meter core sample we can identify up to 3000 years history of the evolution of the area. One reason I started this work was to help me explore colour, loved it. Also because of Hay fever/pollen allergies....I spent 5 days on a botanical illustration course and visited the archives at Kew Gardens as part of my research along with teaching slides at the Department of Archaeology and Palaeoecology at Queens University Belfast.

Friday 10th April

Two more pieces from exhibition and residency in Taipei. Photos from catalogue as too much reflection off glass for my phone to cope with. Titles of the works are from ancient Chinese poetry. Project was about combining, contrasting and experimenting with the fundamentals of Chinese ink painting and western drawing.

Thursday 9th April

The Precipitous Edge. Body of work resulting from residency at Taipei Artist Village. Definately one of the top highlights of my life so far. Funded by British Council and Taipei Culture office. Catalogue from exhibition used for these two images ( Black image not for sale). Experimentation with ink painting both in practice and studying the principles and 'rules' of East Asian ink painting and integrating with Western drawing is the rich seam I explored over this fantastic experience in Taiwan.

Wednesday 8th April

From 1983, wotking out approx A4 for final much larger finished versions. Ink and watercolour Royal Albert Hall and Westminster Abbey.

Tuesday 7th April

2 more from Dublin Year book. APPLETREE press commission. One illustration pr week us end papers. Heavenly job, followed by exhibition.

First picture highlighting the reckless determination of developers to wreck buildings on the Liffey quayside in order to then get permission to build larger new blocks. Second is door to Kilmainham Gaol. I used to take drawing trip students there, by special arrangement, long before visitor centre built and it was opened for tourism. That was very special.

Monday 6th April

2 more, same series as yesterday, year books for Appletree Press Belfast, 1 week =1 illustration. These two speak for themselves, one of the last small private garages in Dublin and unbelievably a shop that sells only... potatoes!

Sunday 5th April

Two pictures from the Dublin Year book, year after the Ulster Year book both commission Ed by the wonderful Appletree Press Belfast. What a fantastic job, seek and choose over 50 aces, one for each week of the year plus end papers. Exhibitions of artwork followed publication. THANK YOU Appletree.

Saturday 4th April

Porto and the Douro. Poets Garden. And Quinta Senhora da Ribiera.

Thursday 2nd April

Two pieces from CEMENT OVER CHINA! a series of work about construction in China. Underlying drawings from airplane flights, over printed with acrylic, using stencils and screen print. This turned into a big project and of course the tools moved from Stonehenge work into this too. Same tools used world wide for construction and also deconstruction... Wheelbarrows, trowels, pick axes, spades and so forth.

Wednesday 1st April

Clerys O'Connell St, Dublin Castle.detail of clerys. Dublin Yearbook 1992. Appletree press

Monday 30th March

On left drawing of axe heads, Salisbury Museum artist residency, also part of Stonehenge Riverside Project. As is the piece on the right. There were several opportunities to go right into the stones with the archaeology students and their lecturers very early in the morning before tourists arrived. So for the final time we could do this, I took a pad of preprepared backgrounds to work on interpretive drawings whilst listening to the information about the actual stones.

Sunday 29th March

Two Montenegro art works The textile objects project. Fabrics ' left behind', a boys shirt front, worn with a collar and jacket. More crowns lions and emblems taken from war damaged flas in the National Museum, Cetinje.

Saturday 28th March

Two drawings from Stone Upon Broken Stone projects ( there were several projects around reuse of stone). Underlying drawings were made looking out of airplane windows, I have many sketch books of those flight drawings. Then layers drawn on top. The smudgy dark bronze is pewter polish, the fluorescent lemon is screen printed on top.

Friday 27th March

Two pieces from final artists residency at The Stonehenge Riverside Project, a huge archaeology project taking place over several summers, with which I worked on-site during 3 summers. It was fantastic. Acrylic, spray paint, Chinese ink, chalk out of the archaeology trenches.

Thursday 26th March

Two pieces from Cement Over China! series.

Wednesday 25th March

Two pieces from start of Montenegro projects. Based on textiles in museums in Herceg Novi and Cetinje. An embroidered wedding gift handkerchief and a reference to various images frequent on flags over several centuries. Screen print then painting drawing meaning each artwork different.

Tuesday 24th March

Acrylic, screen print, mono print and drawing. 2 pieces from Pollen Counts series. Looking at archaeologists 3 metre core sample and the myriad of information about flora and fauna that have been in the location for several thousand years. These represent evidence of Pine trees.

Monday 23rd March

1st residency at Cill Railig Art Village, Kerry.

Saturday 21st March

Covent Garden . Limited edition litho, printed at RCA. O'Kanes Bar Ballycastle. limited edition screen print, Arts Council Northern Ireland.

Thursday 19th March

Bolhao market Porto. Illustration for magazine, Tapas

Friday 18th March

Porto, Fonseca cellars. Pont Dom Luis ( designed by Gustav Eiffel)

Thursday 17th March