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Drawing - The Purpose cover

Drawing - The Purpose

Edited by Leo Duff & Phil Sawdon

Chicago University Press (21 Aug 2009). Published by Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2013

This is a co-edited volume, focusing on why drawing is used in creative processes with contributions from academic and practical perspectives.

It features clear illustrations of drawings made by the practitioners studied to back up the readable and accessible essays. It presents an interdisciplinary, wide-ranging cross section of both well-known and emerging practitioners. It raises questions that are frequently asked and discussed, but not researched or investigated methodically.To clear their minds and organize their ideas, artists will often start projects by drawing sketches. “Drawing” asks why artists and designers use drawing in that way to kick-start their creative thinking, considering the application of drawing and its various uses across disciplines.

From the interdisciplinary perspectives of archaeology, jewellery design, illustration, and landscape architecture, this innovative volume highlights how drawing is used in the professional world. With examples from both contemporary and historical contexts, “Drawing” will be an invaluable resource for practitioners and scholars seeking a rationale for why we draw.

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Drawing - The Process cover

Drawing - The Process

Edited by Leo Duff & Jo Davies

Chicago University Press (1 Mar 2005). Reprint Late 2010 - Intellect (Bristol). Published by Tsinghua University Press, Beijing,

Drawing - The Process is a collection of papers, theories and interviews based on the conference and exhibition of the same name held at Kingston University.

A wide range of approaches, both practical and theoretical, and their varied contexts within the field of drawing, are re-examined and in many cases introduced as totally new methodology to the reader. All contributors are practicing designer-artists and all are in empathy with the ethos of interdisciplinary thinking and investigation as part of their profession.

Subjects discussed include;

  • Three Dimensional, Textile, Fashion and Graphic Design
  • Figure Drawing
  • Illustration and Animation
  • Fine Arts
  • Architecture and the environment
  • Communication
  • Challenges of existing theory

This book is recommended reading for practitioners from any area using drawing in any form, students, researchers, teachers, as well as those interested in working process.

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Stone Upon Broken Stone Catalogue cover

Stone Upon Broken Stone Catalogue

Samwon Gallery, Seoul National Gallery / Leo Duff, 2006.

Limited Edition Catalogue from 2006 Stone Upon Broken Stone Exhibition at the Samwon Gallery, Seoul National Gallery, Korea.  Please contact Leo for more information.

The Precipitous Edge Catalogue cover

The Precipitous Edge Catalogue

National Taiwan University of the Arts / Leo Duff, 2006.

Limited Edition Catalogue from 2006 The Precipitous Edge Exhibition at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.  Please contact Leo for more information.